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Installation, Operation and Maintenance Instruction for pneumatic conveyor

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The pneumatic conveyoris machine used for conveying many kinds of material such as rice husk, rice, corn, wheat, soybean meal, cashew husk, mustard seeds, rapeseed, coffee bean, all kind of beans, agricultural product, cotton seed, fertilizer, plactics resins, cement, fly ash…The pneumatic conveyor systems uses differential air pressure to efficiently move materials from one point to the others. For example: loading and unloading truck, ferry, boat… picking up material from ground level or storage yard and delivering to Boiler silo or filling truck for transportation….
2.1 ) Main parts

For the machine operated by motor
  1. Connect 3 phase to CP and mass wire to frame
  2. Press start button to startup (on electric control box)
  3. Press red stop button to stop (on electric control box)
  4. 3 leds show 3 phases
  5. Check direction of the pump correctly before operation
4.1: Starting up the procedures:
Disconnect Suction Nozzle from rice husk before starting up
Press green button to start up
Operation tips
  1. Ensure all hoses are straight as possible, an if there is any elbows, use as wide of a radius as possible.
  2. Attach the straight suction nozzle onto the hose and open the air slide by the handle all the way
  3. For machine with PTO (Power Take Off): Bring the tractor PTO up to full speed.
  4. Place suction nozzle into product and start to slowly close air slide until machine’s receiver is flowing with product (the product should be 2/3 across the inspection window and flowing).

4.2. Stopping procedures:
- Disconnect nozzle from rice husk about 20 seconds before stopping
- Press red button to stop.

4.3. Stopping machine for dust discharge:
Stop the machine after 2-4 continuous operation hour for dust discharge in picture 5, or when the dust is full ,  ex: for rice husk stop for dust discharge after 4h operation hour

Before you start cleaning or maintenance your machine, make sure you turn off the power.
  1. Clean the visible dust from Filter (in picture 5) inside silo every 15 days of operation (it is very important to do this to keep the machine in good condition).
  2. Check oil level in root blower and engine before starting up
  3. Change oil SAE20w50 root blower every 500 operate hours