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1)How can I get quotation of your pneumatic conveyor?
A: You can send email to us about the material , capacity that you need to conveyor, then we will send you quotation

2) During suction process, is the speed of suction constant or can be adjusted?
A: You can adjust the speed by adjusting the nozzle slider

3) Do we need suction continously?
A: The machine can run continously 24/24, you can suction continously or intermittent

4) Is it easy to connect or disconnect the PVC hose and the machine? As my demand is to convey material at many places. I intend to put the pvc hose in the other different places, when need to convey I will connect hose at that place.
A: It is very easy, only need 1 worker can connect and disconnect the hose with machine 

5) The capacity of rice husk vacuum machine in your website is from 3-10 tons/h. Is it possiblle for me to order the rice husk pneumatic conveyor with capacity of 15 tons/h?
A: We can produce rice husk vacuum conveyor with the capacity of 15 tons/h as the requirement from customers, however, the pvc hose is too big and heavy, then it is very difficult for worker to handle and operate. So the machine with capacity 3-10 tons/h is the best effectiveness.  If need the bigger capacity, customers can order ship/barge unloader for rice husk. 

6) I would like to order pneumatic conveyor for rice husk, however my rice husk is quite wet, can we use the machine to convey such kind of rice husk? 
TL: The material can be wet but discreted particles
. Pls be sure that they are not watery 

7) I would like to order vacuum pneumatic conveyor for coffee beans and coffee bean husk, they are mixed with some other particles like: leaves, macadam, small coffee tree with the length of 3cm, nylong cord to sew bag, .....Can I use the machine? Do these particles affect to the quality of  root blower and the machine or not?
A: With the material of coffee beans, coffee bean husk mixed with the particles as above, it is not affect to the quality of the machine. The machine still be operate well

8) I would like to buy pneumatic conveyor for rice. Are the rice broken when using this machine? If yes, is the broken rate is low or high?
A: Yes, the rice can be broken but the broken rate is negligible, we supply the pneumatic conveyor for rice to Cong ty xuat nhap khau An Giang ANGIMEX - 1 company specialized in exporting rice to many countries like: Europe, Japan....

9) I would like to buy pneumatic conveyor for corn, can the machine convey fresh corn or only dried corn? 
A: The machine can convey fresh and dried corn, maize....

10. This screw conveyor can handle clinker & coal material and discharge from ship to ship or shore ?

Our machine cannot handle clinker, or sand. Our ship unloader can convey coal