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About us

NAM SON MECHANICAL MANUFACTURE CO., LTD is manufacturer specialized in produce pneumatic vacuum conveyor. 

The products of company: 
1) Manufacture pneumatic vacuum conveyor:
Rice husk pneumatic conveyor
Vacuum conveyor for corn
Pneumatic conveyor for soybeanl meal 
Pneumatic conveyor for plastic pellets 
Pneumatic conveyor for agricultural products, grains...
Ship unloader for cement, fly ash, agricultural with high capacity.....
2) manufacturer of PVC suction hose

3) Accessories of dust filter. www.locbuiaz.com

The advantage:
-The machine with new technology, operate continuously , no neeed to stop machine for dust discharge, then it is very easy to operate, high effectiveness, and more durable. 
- Some accessories are produced by ourselve as: PVC hose, board,  ....and some accessories we import by ourselves then the price is competitive and accessories are available for fast guaranty.

Our target: 
"Focus on innovation and economical effectiveness of our product "  

Our products are consumed and high appriciated about the economical effectiveness in Vietnam.  Until now, Nam Son export to 7 countries including : Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, India, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines...and tendency is expading to the other countries in near future. 
We design and produce according to the inquire and requirement of customers

Besides that we pay attention to customer services by update about new information to customer, follow to deliver goods to customer in time, guaranty and after sales service.

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